Honda FL350R Odyssey

1985 FL350R Honda Odyssey ATV Parts and Accessories

The shop manual is discontinued, but here is one that can be downloaded. This version is text searchable: Honda FL350R Odyssey Shop Manual

The Honda FL350R Odyssey was manufactured in 1985 only. Some states titled ATVs based on the year sold, not year manufactured. So there are titles out there that say 1986 and 1987. FL350R is the official designation. Since the FL250 did not have the R or maybe just for brevity, it is more often referred to as an FL350. It is often referred to as a ATV, go-kart, dune buggy, mini buggy or just buggy. ATV, All Terrain Vehicle, would be a fair description. However, many people think of an ATV as something you ride on rather than ride in. As such many owners do not refer to it as an ATV. People who own them rarely refer to them as a go-kart. The primary reason is that go kart often inspires thoughts of something with no suspension and a heavy low power industrial engine. The FL350 Odyssey has four wheel independent suspension. It has both front and rear brakes where go-karts typically only have rear. It has a forward neutral reverse gearbox and continuously variable transmission as well as many other features not normally found in the typical go-kart. The term go-kart is somewhat offensive to the owners so should not be used. Dune buggy to those who have them would normally mean a Volkswagen Beetle modified for driving on sand dunes. A closer description in that context would be sand rail which means tubular frame and no body or just panels. Most people outside the sport don't know the term sand rail so it resorts back to dune buggy to describe one. Since the Odyssey is not strictly for sand, the term dune does not apply. Although it may not be the most appropriate, the term buggy seems to be the best description for people who do not know what it is.

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