Wiseco Piston Kit

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Forged Wiseco piston kit with rings, wrist pin and circlips.

The lube/cooling holes are required to be drilled in the exhaust side of the piston to lubricate and cool the exhaust port bridge. We can optionally perform that prior to shipping.

The original Honda pistons when available were teflon coated on the skirts. It is available as an option on the Wiseco piston to reduce the chance of piston scarring during break-in. Additionally, that option includes ceramic coating on the dome to reduce piston operating temperature.

The eyebrow option is to cut an arc on the bottom of the intake side skirt. This improves intake flow. In addition, it reduces the chance of the skirt snagging the bottom edge of the intake port once the cylinder wears.

We offer an additional option special order to window the piston. An opening is cut higher up on the intake side of the piston. The dome of the piston is normally cooled by the intake charge in the crankcase under the piston. The window allows a more direct flow of intake air to the bottom of the piston dome providing better cooling. Where this option may be desirable is someone riding in a very hot climate, a highly modified engine or a somewhat modified engine still using the air cooled cylinder head.

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  • Model: Honda FL350 Odyssey
  • Manufactured by: Wiseco

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Intake side of piston cut for improved airflow


See item description for details on these options.

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