Long Travel Front Suspension Kit


This is a bolt-on A-arm conversion for the FL350. The suspension has 12-13" Travel depending on ths shocks used. Of the shocks we offer, the G-Series will provide the longest travel. The shocks in the videos and some of the pictures have 5" travel and give 11" of wheel travel. Testing was initially done with the shorter shocks until a longer pair could be setup.

Steering response is greatly improved with significantly less feedback in rough terrain. It is very easy and comfortable to maintain control in terrain that would normally rip the yoke out of your hands. The front track has been widened from 50.5" to 59" improving stability. The machine stays very level while cornering. Adapters on the steering knuckles adjust the steering geometry for correct Ackermann angle and also increase the usable angle range of the tie rod ends.

This machine is pictured with the minimum of items cut from original chassis. The items that need to be cut are brake line mounting tabs, two cable clamps and the hoop that originally protected the steering. With these minimal changes, it is still possible to restore the machine to the factory suspension. The new suspension is completely bolt-on with no welding required. Additional unneeded items can optionally be removed to reduce weight such as the original shock mounts.

The kit includes: the bolt on sub-frame including mounting hardware and anti bump steer setup, drag links (inner tie rods), tie rods (outers), all tie rod ends, knuckle adapters, A-arms equivalent to Pilot +4 with camber adjustment, Delrin pivot bushings and replaceable ball joints, stainless steel braided brake lines, brake tee and line back to master cylinder. Shocks and springs are sold separately. The kit is also bare steel.

The tubing is .095" DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel). Most of the brackets are .125". For reference, the stock frame is .063" welded seam. Pilot A-arm mounts are .100" and a Pilot roll cage is .048" welded seam.

Hard testing was done at Freelin MX. This machine has a stock motor and clutch. The rear suspension is unchanged other than Works Performance shocks. The big table top had a dip in the back side. When landing with the rear wheels in the dip, the rear would kick up coming out. Steering still remained effort less. The video clips below and some of the pictures courtesy of Down Home Racing.

Taking it slow to get a feel for it
A little faster
Trying it on the big table top
Faster and farther
Another smooth landing

Front bracket being machined on CNC mill

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  • Model: Honda FL350 Odyssey
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