Water Cooled Head


Water cooled heads for the Honda FL350R Odyssey is one of Aftershock Motorsports original products. In an effort to build upon the already great product, the Evolution 5 head is the best yet. It is now possible to remove the head without draining the coolant. All new tooling including dedicated clamping fixtures provides a superior surface finish.

The replaceable dome allows replacement of just a portion of the head in the case of damage from an engine failure.

The FL350R ran hot from the factory. The original head was replaced in a recall to reduce the operating temperature. Other changes were also made such as lowered compression which reduced power output. Even with these changes, these machines still run hot. If you live in a hot climate, you may not be able to ride continuously for long periods of time without having heat related problems. Modifying the motor for more power can push the heat levels beyond what the piston can handle resulting in seizures or stuck rings.

The head is machined from solid aluminum into two main pieces. The inner dome section fits inside the outer shell sealed at the top and bottom by O-rings. A 90 degree fitting on the front of the head connects to the lower connector on the radiator. A straight fitting on top connects to the top of the radiator. The two piece design allowed adding fins around the combustion chamber to improve heat transfer from the combustion chamber to the water. Water cooled head include 7 studs, 7 washers 7 acorn nuts

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  • Model: Honda FL350 Odyssey
  • Manufactured by: Aftershock Motorsports

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